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While the mask you order from this website will resemble the photo I've used here, it won't be exactly the same. All masks are molded and hand-painted by me, and I never do the same thing twice.


I also seem incapable of keeping up with the wide variety of masks I create. That's why I maintain a lively Facebook presence, so please look me up for my most recent work.


Allow approximately 6 weeks for your mask to arrive. If you absolutely have to have it right now, check with me first to see if I have one in stock. I will do a rush job on existing designs, but it'll cost you more.


Can't decide which mask you want? Consider having a custom mask made. There's no extra charge for design, as I retain the pattern and use it again. I love custom orders! Sometimes they take me places I hadn't considered before.

Feel free to e-mail me with any questions.