Updated April 2012

A custom mask for a fan of Nightwing.

A 'Big Ear' mask for a photographer.

Here's one of the photos
from the shoot.

A demon's skull, with runes. I created the raised effect of the runes with liquid latex and a bottle with a thin tip.

Fire Spirit, a combination of my Butterfly mask
and my Fire mask.

A Tree Crown, done for a body art
competition in New Zealand.

A helmet made for one of the Faceless Ones. This design was based on artwork from the Abyssal Realms online game. The helmet was made in two halves, and riveted together so it would curve around the face. There's a foam strip for the brow. This was a fun piece, and it's inspired some new creations - check my Facebook page for more details.

A Vampyre mask, with fangs.

I enjoy custom work - it takes me places I would never have considered before. The tree crown, the Abyssal Helmet, and the vampyre mask have inspired me to create other, even weirder things.

The Chinese Dragon, not seen here, was originally a custom piece, but now is a regular item in my catalog.

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